Tex World Fabrics is a wholesaler/manufacturer of fabric and material for the Cap & Gown, Outdoor, and Fashion industries. We service manufacturers worldwide.
FABRIC & MATERIAL We are material specialist exporting worldwide.

Tex World Fabrics, has been manufacturing, wholesaling and supplying quality fabrics to the U.S., European and Chinese market. Manufacturers from a wide range of markets (graduation apparel, religious clothing, sportswear, outerwear, bags & luggage, fashion) have all relied upon our extensive line up of materials and fabrics for their various textile needs. Furthermore, Tex World's design and development department can help our customers whose needs go beyond our current line-up of materials and require custom development.

Quality Service is Our Passion
A lot of times we are asked how Tex World Fabrics emerged into the wholesale fabric industry in such a quick fashion- one simple answer, at Tex World we are well organized and never forget the most important thing - to give our customers the best service possible. Email us today: order FREE swatch samples, we will ship out samples the same day. Visit our easy to use industry leading website to check out information on the materials we produce and stock. It is our pleasure and passion to help you find what you need!
Fabric & Material is Our Focus
We currently offer over 5,000+ fabrics which are used in various industries worldwide. Our development department is always looking out for the next big thing and working hard to bring you the latest pattern trends and colors. We offer a large range of fabric styles to accommodate to every customer, whether it is for large scale manufacturing or a small workshop. Go to fabrics by category to select the pattern of your desire ranging from fabrics used in the graduation/religious industry to abrasive heavy duty material used on luggage.
Tex Word Fabrics: Converter of high quality wholesale fabrics for retailers and manufacturers.